Swimwear Brands of Sweden

Swimwear brands of Sweden

Most swimwear brands of Sweden will actually deliver to a variety of countries all over the world, providing that you pay a shipping charge of course. There are many amazing brands of swimwear in Sweden with a great reputation, so let’s have a look at what these are so you can check them out.

Paula BeachwImage result for Paula Beachwearear

Paula Beachwear in Stockholm focuses on delivering comfortable swimwear that is also of the highest quality. It helps that their items are stunning too of course. They have some really nice one pieces but there are a number of stylish bikinis to choose from also. Paula Beachwear has quite a unique look to it so you are unlikely to find anything similar on the market, ensuring you stand out at all times.

Beach Flamingo

This brand has some really trendy items that will make you look and feel like a million dollars whenever you wear them. In addition to high quality pieces of swimwear, there are many accessories you can wear to the beach that are also available on this site. This is a family run business where the utmost love and care has gone into all the items that are available.

Scampi Swimwear

Scampi has some beautiful pieces of swimwear aimed at women young and old all over the world. Based in Sweden, They focus on providing more classic pieces and tend to stick to simple colours like blacks, greys and whites, although some colour is injected from time to time. The quality of Scampi Swimwear is very good and you are guaranteed to find some staples for your collection.

Explore these swimwear brands and you are guaranteed to find some pieces that you absolutely love, with some of the best swimwear in the world designed and created in Sweden.