Amazing Swimwear Brands 2018/2019

Amazing swimwear brands 2018-2019

It’s better to invest in a high quality swimwear brand knowing that the items will last you for years, rather than buying several cheap pieces throughout the year. A good swimsuit is a little like a car, you get what you pay for! The following brands are definitely some that you should check out, with gorgeous stand out styles which will ensure all eyes on you.

Three Graces

This is a cool brand that provides a range of swimwear and other pieces that wouldn’t be out of place in your holiday suitcase. In their designs, they include bright colours, nice detailing and general high quality in every single item. If you have a little more cash to spend on your swimwear, you should explore this brand further.

The Line By K

These beautiful swimwear items are all made by hand by the brands founder Karla Deras, who puts so much effort into every style. The designs are gorgeous but do not look overboard and you could wear them at the pool, the beach or even your own back garden! Better yet, The Line By K is affordable for all budget types.

Caroline Constas Mer

Caroline Constas’ Image result for hoaka swimwear une piecehas took her fashion label to a new level with her swimwear range which is set to be really big in the years ahead. Her swimwear is very out there and there is nothing plain about it. The items include crazy colours, interesting designs, ruffles and a whole lot more. If you want to stand out this summer, her collection definitely has what it takes.

Une Piece

Une Piece specializes in providing one piece swimsuits (as the name would suggest!) The brand shows that it is possible to cover more flesh while still looking absolutely jaw dropping. The pieces are both cute and sophisticated.