Best Swimwear Brands

There are so many different swimwear brands out there and some are obviously more popular than others. What you would consider the best swimwear brands depends on your own personal preference, your budget and so on. Saying that, let’s take a look at some of the most popular swimwear brands on the market which are definitely worth exploring further if you are looking for some new items to add to your collection.

J Crew Playa

A cool new swimwear brand that is proving very popular due to its pretty style is an addition to the original J Crew and that is J Crew Playa. They have an assortment of both one and two pieces. They have mix and match bikinis available, with prices starting from as low as $22!

Asos Eco EditImage result for Asos Eco Edit

Asos is an incredible and affordable fashion brand in general but their Eco Edit swimwear range blow their other collections out of the water. All the gorgeous pieces of swimwear are actually made out of waste from the ocean. They have a wide range of sizes, including maternity and you wouldn’t know from looking at the items, that they’re basically made out of junk from the sea.

Atoll Swim

Based in California, Atoll Swim focus on simplicity and this is a style that they do really well. There are no crazy detailing on these pieces, in fact there isn’t even a seam in sight. Their swimwear might be a little more expensive that other brands but the items are really high quality and should last you for years to come.

Faithfull The Brand

Possibly one of the most photogenic brands of all time, Instagrammers absolutely love Faithfull as a swimwear brand. They have gorgeous, playful designs that are flattering to all body types and will leave you with a huge amount of confidence.